7. DESKTOP: (Contains Icons, Taskbar, Onscreen Work Area.)

A. Fun things to do with your Desktop.

Caution: please write down the settings before you change them, so you may return. I've been there and it is very difficult to remember the old settings.

A. Right click on your Desktop, click Properties:

1. Under the tab Background: Click on the down arrow and choose between bubbles, rivets, black thatch, clouds, etc. (different systems have different items.) You can also put your favorite photo under this tab.

2. Under the tab Screen Saver: I do not recommend using a Screen Saver, it uses power and wears out your monitor. Please use the Power Saver. Go to Start, Control Panel, Power Options. Set the Monitor for 15 minutes and the Hard Drive for 20 minutes, or there abouts.

But if you must use a SCREEN SAVER:

Click on the down arrow and choose between Blank Screen, Flying Windows, Scrolling Marquee, Pipes, Flying Objects, etc. (different systems have different items.) Choose Settings to change the speed and density, etc of the above. Then choose Preview to see it on the full screen.

My Pictures Screen Saver; this will show all your photos that are in your My Pictures folder for 6 seconds each. Same as 2 above, but you click on My Picture Screen Saver.

3.Under the tab Appearance: (Caution: please write down the settings before you change them, so you may return.)

You may click on the down Item arrow and choose to change the font, size, or color of the Inactive Title Bar, Caption Buttons, Active Title Bar, Scroll Bar, Window, etc.

An easier way is to actually click on the display of the above. Click on the Inactive Title Bar, Active Title Bar, Caption Buttons, etc and at the bottom of the dialog box it will show up with the current setting, just click on the down arrows (sometimes up arrows) and choose the font, size, or color.

4. Under the tab Setting: (Your video card and monitor will determine your choices.)

On the left you will have colors:
Total numbers of Colors
256 (8bit), 256 Colors
High Color (16bit), 65,536 Colors
True Color (24bit) 16,777,216 Colors

On the Right, Screen Area 640 by 480 pixels, 800 by 600 pixels, 1024 by 768 pixels. A pixel is three dots (red, green, blue) on color screens. The greater the number of pixels, the smaller the type and the more information you can get on your screen.


IN WINDOWS 98/Me/XP: It is very easy: First you must find the program. It will be under Programs or under a submenu like Accessories.
Start >Programs >Accessories, put your arrow on WordPad (or any other program) and Right click and drag it to the DESKTOP, Quick Launch, or Start Menu, unclick, select Create Shortcut from the Menu.

Shortcut Icons have an arrow at the bottom.

Deleting a Shortcut, does not delete the Program itself. To delete shortcuts, left click and drag to the Recycle bin and let go.

Some Icons on your Desktop will not delete, such as Network Neighborhood, you have to use TweakUI, a microsoft utility program to delete it. I have it for 95, 98, Me and XP just bring a disk to class.

If you want your Program or Document opened in a regular Window, or Full Screen, Right click on the shortcut icon, click Properties, click on the down arrow and select Regular Window or Maximized, then click OK.

If you wish to change an icon, Right click on the shortcut icon and browse here:

Lots of Icons in these files:

Make your Desktop Icons behave.

Right Click on your Desktop, left click on Arrange Icons and select Auto Arrange. In this option if you try to move them they will flop back. If you wish to move them around on your Desktop, unselect Auto Arrange and click on Line Up Icons. Any time your icons seem out of line, just go to Line Up Icons and click on it.

TO PUT ANY WEB ADDRESS LIKE www.ckcs.org on your Desktop:

Go to www.ckcs.org

This works with Internet Explorer.

To put this shortcut on your Desktop when the CKCS screen first comes up, make the screen small enough so you can see your Desktop, put your cursor on the little e in front of web address at the top of the screen and left click and drag it to the Desktop and turn it loose.

This works for any web address.

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