5. CONTROL PANEL: (Install Hardware, Software, adjust Mouse, set Power Options, etc.)

How to add new hardware, software, fonts, sounds, mouse settings and more.

A. To install a new printer

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and click on Printers, then select Add Printer. After 98/Me/XP builds a printer base and if you have the disk that came with the printer, click on Have Disk and follow instructions.

If you don't have the disk that came with the printer, then on the left side find, say HP (Hewlett Packard) or Lexmark. then on the right side find the exact model of your printer, click on it and follow instructions. But remember it is better to use the disk that came with the printer because it contains the manufacturer's drivers and they are better than the generic drivers of Windows.

For most Hardware, go to Control Panel and click on Add New Hardware and then click on next and follow instructions.

B. INSTALL and UNINSTALL programs.

If you wish to check the program you are installing for a virus open the Anti-virus program and scan the floppy, or cd-rom.

But before installing a program close all other programs and disable your Screen Saver and Anti-virus program.

Also see 34. Power OPTIONS:

To disable your Screen Saver, Right Click on your Desktop, click on Properties, click on Screen Savers, move the scroll bar to the top and click on None, then click OK

To disable your Anti-Virus program Right Click on its icon in your Taskbar and click on disable and it will show a big X on the icon. Now you’re ready to install. If you do not have an icon on the Taskbar open the Program itself and Disable it. After you install your program, you must reset the above.

Also, be sure to check the system tray (the area next to the clock with all the little icons).

Right-click each icon you see there, and if there are options to close or disable them, you should do so. After running the new program's setup, simply restart Windows to bring all the icons back.


When you put your CD in, it should practically installs itself.

But if you put it in and it does nothing then, Start > Settings >Control Panel >Add/Remove Programs on the left side click on Add New Programs.


To uninstall a program:

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel double click on Add/Remove Programs and if the program is there high light it and then click on Add/Remove and it will remove it.

When you install a program it may put an icon on your desktop, a .dll file in your system files, a line of code in your config.sys or your Autoexec. bat and the name of the program in your "Programs" in your StartUp Menu.

When you uninstall, it will remove these items. But when you delete the program from Windows Explorer it only removes the program itself and none of the other items.

C. To add new fonts: Go to Start > Setting > Control Panel and click on Fonts, then File, then Install New Fonts, use the down arrow to click on your D (cd-rom drive), then on the left, click on the file you want. In the large box on top highlight the fonts you wish to install and click on OK and they are installed.

Now when you open your word processor and click on Font, you may choose one of the new fonts.

D. To install new Clip Art or Photos. Go to Start > Programs > Microsoft Word. Now click on Insert, Picture, Clip Art. Click on Import Clips, use down arrow to browse to find the cd-rom drive(usually D). Click on the clip art file you want, click OK, now right click on the art and click on insert and now it is in your document.

E. To install new sounds: Go to Start > Programs > Windows Explorer, find your cd-rom drive (usually D). Find the .wav file you want on the right side. On the left side click on the + sign in front of Windows to expand it and you’ll see Media down the line. Drag the .wav file you want into Media.

Now go to Start > Settings > Control Panel, Click on Sounds. For example, click on Close program, now Use the down arrow to find the .wav file you want and click on it. Then click OK.

F. If you wish to change your mouse pointer: Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and click on Mouse and click on pointers click on Working in Background, click on Browse, the Look In box should have Cursors in the blank, click on the file you want and click OK.

If Cursors is not in the Look In box, click on Browse and use the down arrow and click on the C drive, then Windows, then Cursors.

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