30. RIGHT CLICKING. (Saves Time and Money and Your hair.)

A. Icons
B. Taskbar
C. Files or Folders
D. Desktop
E. Empty space in Windows Explorer

A. Icons: If you right click on any shortcut icon (the ones with the little arrow on the bottom left corner) then click on Properties, then click on change icons you will see other icons and you can change your present one.

B. Taskbar: Right Click on an empty space on your taskbar on the right side of your Taskbar but to the left of the tray icons, and if you have 2 programs open, click on Tile Windows Horizontally, or Tile Window Vertically, you will see a split screen with both programs on them and you can work with them like copy and paste or delete or insert. To restore click on Undo Tile.

If you have several windows or programs open, click on Cascade Windows and it will show them all. To restore click on Undo Cascade.

Click on Minimize All Windows to see your Desktop, to restore click on Undo Minimize All.

C: Files or Folders:

Right Click on any File or Folder in Windows Explorer and with this new menu you may Open, Send To, Cut, Copy, Paste, Create Shortcut, Delete, Rename, and Properties. The Send To feature allows you to send the file to a Floppy for safe keeping. Please use this to save valuable documents.

RIGHT CLICK Folder shows size. Want to know the total size of any folder, including all files and folders within it? Locate the folder in Windows Explorer rightclick the folder and select Properties. It shows not only the size but the number of files and folders as well.

D. Desktop:
Right Click on the Desktop (the big space with all your icons on it). Click on Line up Icons and it will put them in the right space. Click on Arrange Icons, the Auto Arrange and the icons will stay put.

Go to New > Folder and a New Folder will appear on your Desktop. Name it Misc. and click on Enter. You can drag any of the shortcut icons (the ones with the little white arrows) on your Desktop into the New Folder. This way your Desktop will not be full of Icons.

Go to New, click on Shortcut and Browse until you find the file you wish to make a shortcut out of, and follow instructions.

E. RIGHT CLICKING Windows Explorer:

RIGHT CLICK empty space on right side for view: Large Icons, Small Icons, List, Details. Details is best.

F. My Computer: Hold the Alt key down and click on My Computer. General Tab shows Operating System (Windows 98 4.10.1998) How much RAM you have and type of chip.

G. My Computer: Click or Double Click on My Computer then hold the Alt key down and click on the C drive and it will show how much Free Space, Used space, and Total space you have on your hard drive.

H. M O V I N G ! ! !

To move an icon, file, or program RIGHT CLICK and drag, and when you let it go it will ask you do you want to: 1. Move Here 2. Copy Here 3. Create Shortcut(s) Here 4. Cancel Select "Create Shortcut(s) Here"

If you wish to close a program that is on the Taskbar RIGHT CLICK on it and select close.

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