28. RECYCLE BIN: How to empty and resize.

Deleting a file doesn't really get rid of it. That is, the file doesn't really disappear. Instead, it heads to the Recycle Bin -which is great if you discover later that you want the file back.

To get the file back click on the Recycle Bin Icon on the Desktop, high light the file you want back then click on File, then click on Restore.

If you wish to empty the Recycle Bin, go to File and click on Empty Recycle Bin and it is gone forever.

Caution: After you delete a program or a file leave it in the Recycle Bin a week or two to see if your computer runs OK without it. If it does, then empty it.

To resize your recycle bin and free up more of your hard drive, hold the ALT key down and click on the Recycle Bin, move the slider bar from the 10% down to 2 or 3% on computers with more than a Gigabyte of hard drive.

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