25. PORTAL. (Have your own newspaper, tv guide and stock report:)

This is great, I use it every day, and it is FREE.

It takes some time to set it up so you have to be patient with it, but it is worth it and you only have to do it once. Portals let you make a Web page on the Internet with the information you wish such as:

1. Sports, such as UK Football and Basketball, and NBA teams, Baseball, etc.

2. The Stocks you are following, such as Microsoft (MSFT), Intel (INTC), the Dow (DJIA), the Nasdaq (NASDAQ), and any Mutual Funds you wish.

3. Lexington Weather, or any other city's weather, if you have a child or grandchild in another city you can see what kind of weather they are having, just type in their Zip Code.

4. TV SCHEDULE, this is great! List the station numbers you watch and it will list the programs on from 8 pm until 11 pm. The nice thing about this tv schedule is that if you click on Biography, it will tell you who is on. Click on a movie and it will tell you what it is about and who is in it. It's great. It will list over 100 channels.

5. Choose what news you wish to read, Technology, Health Sports, etc.

HOW TO SET UP YOUR PORTAL: (Please do this, it is so great)

Go to:

1. After the Yahoo page comes up, on the right top click on MY (My Yahoo). You have to answer several questions so be patient, you only have to do this once.

2. Click on CHOOSE or ADD CONTENT.

3. Browse by Topic: (this takes a little time so be patient)
Business and Finance (your stock portfolio goes here).
Click on Local if you want to put the Weather in.
Click on Sports then Scores if you want to keep up with your favorite teams.
After you have selected what you want, at the bottom of the page click on FINISHED.
Be patient, sometimes you have to click on Edit or Finished more than once because you are in different subsections of the page.

4. Now your personal newspaper has come up, click on the EDIT portion of each section and add the stocks, sports teams, tv listings, etc. that you want. Please take you time with each section, there are a lot of choices, click on Finished after you choose.

Once you've done My Yahoo, put an Icon on your Desktop. To do this, make sure you can see your Desktop and the My Yahoo page, then drag the little e in the address bar to your desktop. I use this every single day, sometimes several times a day.

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