21. KEYBOARD shortcut commands.

Shortcut Action

CTRL+C Copy.

CTRL+O Open.

CTRL+S Save.

CTRL+V Paste.

CTRL+Z Undo.

The following table summarizes the shortcut keys available on the Microsoft Natural Keyboard.

Windows logo key Brings up Start menu.

WIN+F1 Start Help.

WIN+TAB Cycle through taskbar buttons.

WIN+D Minimizes all open windows and shows desktop.

WIN+E Start Windows Explorer.

WIN+F Find files or folders.

WIN+M Minimize All Windows

SHIFT+WIN+M Restores all Windows

WIN+BREAK Cycle through Taskbar buttons.


Use keyboard shortcuts to perform common browser functions and give your mouse hand a break. A few basic shortcuts will save time while you are surfing the Web and will give you more browser control.

Home: Jumps to beginning of page.

End: Jumps to end of page.

Esc: Stops loading of current page.

F11: Toggle between full screen and regular view of the browser

window Alt + Left Arrow: Goes back to the previous page.

Alt + Right Arrow: Goes forward to the next page.

Alt + Home: Goes to your homepage.

Ctrl + N: Opens a new browser window.

Ctrl + W: Closes the active window.

Ctrl + O: Opens address box.

Ctrl + R: Reloads the current page.

Ctrl + B: Opens the Organize Favorites or Bookmarks window.

Ctrl + D: Adds the current webpage to your Favorites or Bookmarks.

Ctrl + H: Opens the History folder.

Ctrl + F: Finds text on current page.

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