15. EMAIL ATTACHMENT: How to Save or Send.

OUTLOOK EXPRESS 6.0 (your email program may be similar)

Open Outlook Express, and click on Create Mail, click on Attach, use the down arrow click on your C drive, and browse to find .doc file or a .jpg file you want.

Highlight the file and click on Attach. and it will show up in the email you’re about to send.

To open an attachment in your email, you click on the paperclip on the right side of your email. You may click on the Attachment or click on Save the Attachment (suggest you save it to your Desktop)

PUT THE PHOTO RIGHT IN THE EMAIL, not as an attachment: Put the Cursor in the body of the email where you want the photo and click on that space, now go to Insert, Picture, click on Browse and find the photo. I use this all the time.


In Windows XP, an Easy way to Email and Reduce the size of a photo at the same time.

Right Click on the photo or photos, click on Send To, then click on Mail Recipient, it will ask you if you wish to make the picture smaller, it reduced one photo from 634K to 66K and another from 3237K to 77K and will put it in your email, then all you have to do is type in an email address. Fantastic. (it reduces the photo you are emailing but does not reduce the size of your original photo).


Joe, For your info.

When you receive E-mail with and attachment it will be noted on the incoming E-mail message near the top of the E-mail window. Look to the bottom of the window and click on download. You now have a choice to download now or later, select download now and a box will appear again asking where to want to down load. Select the drive and location for your download file and then save. Once you have the file open you can save it a location that will make it easy to find in the future. If you are using AOL 7.0 or 8.0 you will also see a box asking if you want to view the download, click yes and your picture should appear. Once open you now have a chance to save the file so in the future you will know where it is located. Also important is that picture has a JPEG extension and the computer used to view the picture has a software program that will open those pictures. Send the E-mail with the picture attachment to yourself and then try to open it so you can instruct others how it is done. TOM LABORIO

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