14. INTERNET EXPLORER and Options:

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Open Internet Explorer click on Tools, Internet Options: There are a lot of TABS at the top of the page, the first one is:

General TAB:

I chose USE BLANK, because I usually want to put in a web address, and I don't want to want until another web site comes up like when you choose USE CURRENT, or USE DEFAULT.

I usually do DELETE FILES (Temporary Internet Files) every month or so.
I generally leave DELETE COOKIES ALONE.


Mine is on MEDIUM, with a check mark in the BLOCK POPUP.

The are 5 other TABS.


Shut off the animations and sound on a web page.

After the web page loads, hit the red X button at the top of the page.


The Google Toobar is great and fits under the Internet Explorer Toolbar.
1. Search the web with Google from any site
2. Eliminate annoying pop-up ads
3. Shop faster - It has an Auto Fill option, you put your Name, Address, Phone number, and email address in it and when you are ordering something on the web click on Auto Fill and zap everything is filled in. You gotta have this Google Tool Bar:

It is a free download it at:



Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a Web browser that comes installed on Windows machines. It lets you surf the Net and comes bundled with an Outlook Express.

Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is used to access files on your hard drive. Start it up and you'll see a hard-drive directory on the left of the screen and the current directory files and folders on the right.


1. Add Favorites with One Keystroke. Press CTRL+D

2. To open a Web Page in a New Window. Press and hold down the SHIFT key while you click the link. The page will open in a new Internet Explorer window.

3. To move Backward and Forward Between Web Pages. Click the small black arrow next to the Back and Forward buttons to see a list of pages you've recently viewed then just click the page you want. You can also display this list by right–clicking the Back or Forward buttons

4. Save Time and Effort in Typing URL Addresses. Type the domain of an address, such as Microsoft, and then press CTRL+ENTER. Internet Explorer automatically wraps "http://www....com" around what you typed.


Windows Update not only updates Windows XP and Vista but also OUTLOOK EXPRESS Windows Mail and INTERNET EXPLORER.


What version do you have ????

To find out what version you have of Internet Explorer, Netscape or Microsoft Word, or any other program, open the Program Go to Help and click on About Microsoft Word or About Internet Explorer, etc.

Change Text size in Internet Explorer:

Click on View, then Text Size, select the size you want.


Make a Shortcut to any website.

At the top of the page drag the e that is in front of the web site address to your Desktop and turn it loose. Now you have a web page shortcut icon and all you have to do is click on the icon. This works on any web site, when you are on the web site, just drag and drop the e on the Desktop.


If you would like to see more web page and less MS Internet Explorer toolbars. Hit the F11 key. It will put you into "full screen" mode. Hit F11 again to go back to normal mode.



Make the text size larger. Just depress Ctrl and turn the wheel.


How to get Internet Explorer to remember your passwords.

Click Tools.
Click Internet Options.
Go to the Content tab.
Click the AutoComplete button.
Under "Use AutoComplete for," check "User names and passwords on forms" and "Prompt me to save passwords."
Click OK.


Put your favorites in alphabetical order:

Right-click any favorite and select "Sort by name" from the resulting menu. All the favorites in that folder will be sorted alphabetically. NOTE: This only works if you click Favorites from the top toolbar.


Control + H will bring up History in either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

History is a list of the web sites you have visited over the days, weeks and months.


Your Favorites can be saved or exported from Internet Explorer.

Click File, Import and Export. The wizard comes up, click on next, then highlight Export Favorites. Click on Next, Next, then Browse until you find the 3 1/2 Floppy A or your RW drive: then click on Save.

To Transfer your Favorites to your new computer, open the Internet Explorer: Go to File, then click on Import and Export, the Wizard Opens up, click Next, make sure Import Favorites is highlighted, click next, click on browse, click on the down arrow until you find 3 1/2 Floppy or RW drive, then click on Save.

Printing IE's Favorites List

To print your Favorites list: Go to IE's File menu, click on Import And Export, now the Wizard comes up, click on Next, then click on Export Favorites, then Next, in the blank where it say export to a file or address, at the end of that line, delete bookmark.htm and type in Favorites.txt, click on Next and then Finish.

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