11. FAQ Frequently asked questions???


Q?. I want to keep a couple of my own pictures in the Desktop list but they keep disappearing.


I right click on the Desktop and select Properties. I select

Browse and select the picture I want as my Desktop. The picture is added to the Desktop list. and displays in the tiny monitor. I select Apply and it displays on the Desktop and it is good. I select OK and viola! I've got my picture on the Desktop as I want.


Now, I do the same thing again and I have a different picture on my Desktop. The next time I look at the Desktop list ... my other picture is GONE!


A. That is the way it works, it will hold the one picture until you put another one in.

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Q?. I'm wanting to change the default programs that open when I play a DVD or look at pictures. I have XP Home with SP2 and haven't been able to find an answer to what seems like a simple question using Microsoft's Help and Support page. It only refers to SP1.


A. Click on My Computer, Tools, Folder Options, File Types and then scroll until you find the dos file extension, click on it, then click on Change and select which program you want to open the file.


Some times you can RIGHT CLICK on the File and select Open With and then select the program you want to open it.



Q?. I have information that I need to include in emails that I send out, like my name, address, etc. Is there a way to make

this info come up each time I write an e-mail?


A. Yes. Open Outlook Express, Click on Tools, Options, Signatures. I use this all the time, it is a great time saver.


These are the ones I use:


Kindest regards,


Joe Isaac



Kindest regards,


Joe Isaac
414 Southridge Drive
Lexington, Ky. 40505-1532


 859 299 6464 




Q? My grandfather, just got his first computer this week and I'm looking for resources to help him learn to use the computer & internet, in particular DVDs or CDs (nothing online, as he has dial-up internet). Do you all have any suggestions?


A. Suggest he take Computer Basics, File Management, Word, listed in THE COMPUTER FILE.

Also attend Jerry's SIG on Word, 1st Tuesday every

month and my SIG on Microsoft XP/Vista, my next SIG is

2nd Tuesday in March and thereafter.


Also visit www.ckcs.org and click on Joe Does Windows,

and Joe's Top Fifty Tips.


Tell your Grandpa he is entering a whole new wonderful




Q? I am unable to make a print copy of an email and

something from Microsoft Word.


The computer says:

Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current

printer setup. Check the printer by printing a test age from Windows. Make sure the printer is on and on line.

Reinstall the printer driver


A: Go to Start, Control Panel, Printers and other

Hardware, Printers and Faxes and see if your printer is

listed and is the default.



Q? I updated a program in Microsoft XP media called

Music match Jukebox. After upgrading. I have this

result that I did not have before. When I turn the

computer on and the screen is done. My computer now

automatically dials EarthLink and I am on the net. I

don't want this to happen every time I boot up. How do

I correct this automatically dialing up after booting

up. I checked the settings in internet properties.

They seem to be correct.


A. 1. Click on Start, Run, type in msconfig click

OK, at the top right click on the Tab, STARTUP, now

uncheck that program so it does not start up each time

you boot up.


You'll get a dialog box next time you boot up, just put

a check mark in the blank and click OK.


2. Go to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools,

System Restore and pick a Bold date, when your computer

was working OK. This should take you back before the



If you need the update, reinstall it and see if there

is an option in the configuration that you can uncheck

so it won't start up each time.


Response: I did as you said. msconfig unchecked the program (2 Lines).

dialog box and put check it OK. I used System Restore to Monday the 29.

Restored and worked great . Have old program as it was and I do not dial up

on booting. Thanks Joe. You saved me a lot of

worry. I am up on 98 2nd edition and not on XP. I

have had it for 6 months only. thanks again



Q? Why are processor speeds getting lower?


A. It does seem so, but the fact is the

new Intel Core 2 DUO processors are 40% faster,

and 40% more energy efficient.



Q?. The last few issues of the CKCS computer have not had

Joes Tips. Are you stopping that great advice? It is

really the only reason I continue my membership in the

society. What's up.


A. I'm hoping to have an article in the March Issue.

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate them.



Q?. If I were to buy a new basic Computer what brand would

you recommend. I know about the new vista windows

and that is what I want.

Anything else I need to know about them these days.

Thanks for your help. Eliz.


A. For a good Vista Computer you will have to pay $800 to $1000.


1. 3 GB Ram

2. At Least 250 GB of Hard drive.

3. At Least 19 " flat panel Display

4. Windows Vista Home Premium.

5. Plays and Creates CD and DVD

6. AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200 or Intel Equivalent At Least 2 GHz


I had KY Trade build me one and they did a great job,

373 Virginia Ave, Phone 225-1700,

they give you a free 2 year warranty and a 5% discount

for belonging to CKCS.


The new Windows Vista Premium operating system if fantastic.

Windows Vista Basic does not have the good stuff in it.



Q?. My cursor has locked in place several times recently.

The only way I have been able to move it to close down

and reboot. It is fine then. Any suggestions? Roy


A. From Paul Stackhouse: I have found a couple of solutions.

First of all, if it is a USB mouse, try unplugging it and

putting it into another USB jack, if another is

available, otherwise just wait ten seconds and plug it

into the same one. If it is a PS/2 mouse, it should

not be plugged in while the system is running.


Secondly. One keyboard shortcut that is very

important to close programs and even shut down

and re-start your computer without using the

mouse is: ALT+F4.


If it keeps happening, replace your mouse with a name

brand (Logitech, Microsoft, etc.)



1st  Question on Vista:


Q?. I'm in 'geek' overload in learning the how to's on my new Vista. 


Hoping you can answer a question for me:  In setting up the sidebar, I want the whole month calendar; but, its only displaying the individual day.  How do I get the whole month calendar and not just the individual day? 


PS  I understand you'll be going over the Vista on March 13th.  My intentions are to be there and re-join. 


A. Click on the Day and it will show the monthly calendar.

Click on that day of the month and it will return to that day.


You can go back months and years, if you return to the big date there will be a red flag, click on it to return to the correct date.



Q.? In my email (Outlook Express) what are the little boxes with a red X in them (where pictures are supposed to be), and what do I do to open the pictures ??????


A. This is tricky, it is because your email came from 2 or more different sites and only the site with the text came with your email.



Q.? I just purchased and installed new software "DVD

MovieFactory4". As I double click to try to open it - it gives me the dialog box "Please run at 1024X768 resolution or higher".


Where do I go in Windows XP to change the resolution in our HP computer? I've tried to explore "set-up", but can't find

resolution. . . Help!


A. Right click on the Desktop, left click on Properties, Click on Settings and use the slide bar at the bottom left.

My resolution goes from 800 by 600 to 1600 by 1200.

The higher the resolution the smaller everthing gets.


Q.? Do you accept any and all Microsoft Windows Update automatically to your computer?


A. Only the High-Priorty Updates.



Q. ?Why are they going to discontinue the free AVG.


A. Suggest you use the new free AVG antivirus it is a 36 MB

download and it is also on the TIPS CD I give out.

If you don't have one there may be some left in my CKCS

mail box.




Microsoft's free Windows Defender for your anti spyware.

Microsoft's free firewall which comes with XP and Vista.

This is what I use and I like it. Windows Defender updates

automatically with the rest of Microsoft products once set up.


Other advantages of Defender is that you may click on:

Tools, then:

1. Options; Automatically scan my computer at certain times.


2. Software Explorer; Show your Startup programs.


3. Windows Defender Website;



Q. How do I set AVG, my anti-virus Program up for automatic updates.


A. Right click the AVG icon (it is on the right side of the Taskbar), click on Launch AVG control center, Right click Scheduler, then click Scheduled Tasks, then Edit Schedule.



Other Free Anti-Spyware. You may use more than one

AntiSpyware, but should use only 1 AntiVirus and 1 Firewall.




Q.? Deleting a letter in a sentence then typing a new letter in its place next old letter is deleted instead of new letter being printed. What am i doing to cause this? Do you have a remedy?


A. Hit your Insert key on the keyboard one time.




Q.? Joe, I'm trying to install the "ckcs" icon on my desktop, but have not been able to do it. I have checked the tips, but can't find that particular tip by using the find method. What tip should I use to find how to do it?


A. Go to www.ckcs.org


When the CKCS screen first comes up, make the screen small enough so you can see your Desktop, put your cursor on the little e in front of web address at the top of the screen and left click and drag it to the Desktop and turn it loose.


This works for ANY web address.




Q.? Joe, I am working on a 3 page Word document. I want to delete the 3rd blank page. How do I this?


A. Open the Document, go to View, click on Print Layout, scroll to the bottom of page 2, left click and drag your cursor through the rest of the document to highlight it, then hit the Delete key on your keyboard.



Q.? I have a question that we really would appreciate your

thoughts/advice on. Currently, we have "dial-up" Internet service and we are paying for an extra phone line designated just for our computer. For about the same price we could get rid of the phone line and go to either "broadband" with Insight Cable or "DSL" with Windstream phone company. You are with Insight - how do you like it?

What waived your decision to go with broadband versus DSL? Also, we recently read that broadband was more susceptible to hackers what are you thoughts on this? Thank you very much for you thoughts and time.


A. You are smart to go Broadband, it is fantastic.

I've been with Insightbb for years and they have been great.

I just read where AOL is free for those on Broadband.


Here are the speeds:

Dial Up 56K or less

DSL 1000K

Cable 10000K


Either DSL or Cable is great.


Dial Up has a changing IP address and Broadband has a fixed IP address and are more susceptible to hackers, but your firewall protects you. I've have never had a problem with hackers.


Go Broadband, you will love it.



Q.? Which version of Windows Vista is right for you?


A. There will be five versions: 3 for Home use and 2 for Business.

I recommend Vista Premium.

Basic does not have the good stuff.



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Q. How do you change from double click to single click.


A. Double Click on My Computer, Tools, Folder Options and select Single Click.




Q. I just received your email and it is in blue type. I would

like to print it in black rather than using color ink. Is there a

quick fix?


A. Go to File, Print, Preferences, and select Print Color Images in Black and White.

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Q. and A.Just had to share with you how DSL came about for me.  I called my local ISP, which is QX.Net, to inquire about DSL services.  QX ordered the DSL equipment (from Alltel at that time), I paid a computer service to install it and my phone bill went up $10.00 a month.  I pay $14.95 a month to QX Net and Windstream gets $10 more. 

This is not the only way to go, but it was another option and I LOVE IT!!!  Can't imagine going back to dialup.

Thank you, Joe, for continuing to include me on your notes from class.  I enjoy them so!!!!


Q. How do I print a list of files when I'm in Windows Explorer?

(I have XP Professional). This has been bugging me for some time.


A. PrintFolder  

This no nonsense utility lets you print or save a list of files
located in any folder, Names, Size, Date:

Just RIGHT-click any folder in Windows
Explorer and select "PrintFolder" in the pop-up menu.


This Program is on the TIPS 2007 CD.

I am also emailing you the program.



Q. I may have inadvertently blocked my son's email

messages-both to and from. Is there a way I can unblock this?


A. Open OUTLOOK EXPRESS, click on TOOLS, MESSAGE RULES, BLOCKED SENDERS LIST, and uncheck your son's email address.



Q. My computer was repaired at Best Buy and they lost lots on my stuff. I lost my favorites and you had told us about a great site - had reference in the site name. I love it - I have trouble reading the phone book (I can't!!) and the site was invaluable for me to look up people, business. Would you send me the name?


A. On the right side, look up Yellow Pages and White Pages



There is a ton of web sites here, just go down thru them and try to find what you want.




Q. A strange event has me puzzled. I was typing in email as a Blind Carbon Copy, when the list of names in my addresses list suddenly flipped. It is now in reverse order, ending with a name that begins with the letter A. I have tried the obvious (to me), such as Control Z when it happened and shutting down and starting up anew. Short of going to System Restore, is there a simpler way?


A. In OUTLOOK EXPRESS, when you open a folder of names, if you click on NAMES at the very top of the names, it will reverse their order.



Q. Junk mail: Every day I get the same thing about pharmacy and Dr ads, I delete them and block them but it comes back the next day I bet I get about 20 of those if you could help me on this I appreciated Take care


A. When you are viewing a piece of Junk Mail in OUTLOOK EXPRESS, go to the top and click on Message, then click on Block Sender.

At the bottom of some of the emails, you can unsubscribe.


This will help some. The other way is to change your email address.



Q. I just got home from The program at computer center.

Found this ad on Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI in my email.

They sure make it sound tempting. What do you think?


A. I don't know about Corel Paint Shop Pro , but I have Jasc Paint Shop Pro and it is a fantastic program, but way over my head.


I have no intentions of going that deep with Photos.


Try the free Microsoft Photo Story 3, Picasa 2, and Irfan, these are simple Free Photo Programs, and they are hard enough to figure out and they do a lot of major things, but do not get in to the really technical stuff.


After you learn these and you need more, then go to the Paint Shop Pro programs.


At our next Windows class on Tuesday, November 14, 7pm

we will demo the above free programs.



Q. I would like to know the best way to protect myself from identity theft? The articles I have read say identity theft insurance is the only way. Please advise.


Also, I do not want to pay a fee to own a credit card and would like to make purchases on the internet.


I need to pay to renew my license and they

recommends a one time payment card.

I need some direction. Please advise.


A. I can only tell you what I do.


My credit cards cost me nothing, in fact they pay me 5% on

somethings I charge and 1% on all others. I have been using

credit cards for years and find them a great convenience. I pay them once a month over the Internet and have the money deducted electronically from my bank.


I have never had a problem with credit cards, in fact they protect you some time. I made a $250 purchase of some books on the Internet and paid with a credit card, I never received the books and the credit card company took the charge off my card.


I do not have Identity Theft Insurance.



Q. After installing IE #7

There is no longer a top "tool bar" where there is

"file---edit---view---insert---"etc with their corresponding drop

down windows.


A. Open IE then:

RIGHT CLICK on an empty space on your Tool Bar and click on Menu Bar and the "file---edit---view---insert---"etc should appear and solve your problem.



Q. Sometimes I get an error number, how do I find out what it means?


A. Put the error number in Google and most of the time it will tell you.



Q. I'm having trouble reading the tiny print on a few of my favorite web sites. Is there a way to change that to larger print? Rolling over it with alt or control key down doesn't help.


A. Open Internet Explorer, at the top, click on View, then Text Size, select the size you want.

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Q. I forgot how to find "defrag". Can you help me? Thanks,


A. Click on MY COMPUTER, then Right Click on the C drive, click on Properties, then Tools, then Defrag.



Q. The icons showing the open files have been along the bottom. By some mysterious way I moved them to the right vertical position with one click. Now I cannot return to the original position. Can you help?


A. Put your cursor on an empty space on the Taskbar, left click and drag it to the bottom of the monitor.



Q. I have many old floppy disks that I would like to throw away. Please advise the best way to do this.


A. If they have important information on them I reformat them, then I pry them open and take my scissors and cut them, then just put them in my regular garbage bag with my regular garbage.



Q. I don't believe that I know how to email a FILE.


A. Open OUTLOOK EXPRESS, click on Attach, then click on the down arrow and start browsing until you find the file you want to attach, then click on it.



Q. I was wondering if you have a good website for finding part of my family. I just want to start communicating with them after many years and hoping to be able to find their mailing address. Sorry I missed the CKCS meeting Tuesday pm, and I know I missed a special show. Joe, thanks for the hard work and the many special things you do for us. Will see you in December.


A.You can type their name and city or state into Google and sometime get their address and phone number.


Type in Family History in Google and you'll get a load of sites.


I found that Ancestry.com was a great place to look, but you have to pay for it. If you go to the Lexington Libraries and get on their computers you could use it free.


Search 4 billion names, census images and immigration records. http://www.ancestry.com/


Search for family ancestors. Billions of free family tree, family

history, ancestry, genealogy and census records.



I also found that Birth Certificates and Death Certificates were a great source of information. I think I paid $6 for each one in 1990 and paid it online and they sent me a certified copy directfrom Frankfort, Ky.



There is also an Ellis Island web site.



I'm also forwarding your email to our Genealogy expert, Phyllis Spiker, Her SIG is the 3rd Tuesday each month.


Good Luck, you'll find what you are doing very rewarding.



Q. I don't know how it happened but my e-mail screen is on the right side of my screen and I am unable to move it to the proper area.

I've tried to drag it and no luck. Somehow, I think it happened

with my mouse through my carelessness. Could you help me

PLEASE???? Thank you so much.


A. Put your cursor on the top blue part of the window, left click and drag to the left, in the upper right hand corner click on the box, it is next to the X. Let me know if this works.


It worked. Thank you so much. You're better than Microsoft.

Merry Christmas.



Q. My Windows folder is full of these things called "$NtUninstallQ...etc".


A. There's a whole bunch of them! Are they OK to delete? (YES)


When you install a patch or update in Windows XP, it makes a directory for files you'll need if you decide to uninstall the update/patch.


Go to My Computer / C: / Windows and they should be there.

If you don't see them, go to Tools / Folder Options and make sure the radio button for "Show hidden files and folders" is selected. If not, choose it then click the "Apply to all folders" button.)


Next, select the "$NtUninstall..." directories and Delete.






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