CKCS Computer Classes

Computer Basics & Beyond Basics


Learn the fundamentals of personal computers.

Classes are devoted to either PCs with Windows 10 or Macintoshes with OS X "El Capitan."

The first course (Computer Basics) covers the parts of a computer, how to turn on and off the computers properly, how to use the mouse and keyboard, how to use the "Desktop" to navigate to various software products, how to enter and exit applications programs, plus brief introductions to applications such as word processing and the Internet.

The "Beyond" course covers how to personalize your computer, to access and use your computer's Accessories and System Tools, and to transfer photos from your camera and email them to family and friends. Also, we will talk about computer security and maintenance.

Software used

These courses use the operating system software Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple Macintosh OS X (Yosemite).

Please verify you are enrolling in the correct course.

You may use your personal laptop computer for this class if it has the proper software. Please mention this when enrolling.


Computer Basics or Apple Macintosh Basics - an interest in learning to use personal computers for home or office; no experience necessary.

Beyond Basics - completion of Basics or equivalent experience.