CKCS Computer Classes

Bad Weather Class Cancellation Policy

Whether a class is cancelled or not, please do not attempt to travel if you feel it is unsafe.

In the event of major snow or ice storms our classes will be postponed and instructors will notify students by telephone or email several hours before scheduled session time.

But much of our weather is more temporary and sudden changes are common. In these cases, cancellations are usually made on a class-by-class basis by the instructor and students. Cancellations may be made for morning classes but not afternoon classes or vice-versa. Instructors and students will make decisions via phone calls a few hours before class time.

Also, our office telephone answering service announcement will be updated with specific cancellation messages as received from the instructors. (Call 859-373-1000 for information.)

Make-up class sessions will be scheduled by instructor and students based on their convenience and classroom availability.