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CKCS Toolbar  |   Sunday July 23, 2017

Central Kentucky Computer Society
News and Upcoming Events

Streaming Live

Tech Night and several SIG meetings are streamed live on DropCam beginning a few minutes prior to meeting start time. Click the title above to receive the program on your computer screen.

CKCS on WTVQ Good Day Kentucky at 9 a.m., Monday, July 10th

Tech Tips by Joe Dietz & Brooke Thomas

How to add text to your photos with your iPad

1. Tap the Photos icon on your home screen.

2. Select the photo you want to edit.

3. Tap the Edit button (looks like a series of horizontal sliders) in the top toolbar.

4. Tap the More button (3 dots in a cricle).

5. Tap Markup. It looks like a toolbox.

6. Tap the text icon (looks like an uppercase T in a white box). The placeholder word "Text" will appear on screen.

7. Tap the text box.

8. Tap Edit.

9. Type the words you would like to add to the image.

10. Tap Done when you're finished.

11. Then touch the text box and drag it to where you want it on the photo. You can make the text box bigger by dragging the end of the box.

12. To change the color of your text, pick from the color menu.

13. To change the font, tap the two As in the lower right corner on the screen.

14. Tap Helvetica, Georgia, or Noteworthy to select a font.

15. Move the slider to adjust your font size.

16. Tap the text alignment you would like (left, center, right, or justified) in the resulting menu.

17. Once you are finished tap the text box and then tap done.

18. Now you have text on your photo.

Tech Night, Monday, July 10, 2017 at 7 pm

Forgot Your Password?

If you are confronted with these words when you are trying to sign up on a website and are very frustrated, come to Tech Night this month and learn about password management.

Kenneth Tubaugh will be the guest speaker. He will be demonstrating the Password Manager that he uses, things to consider with passwords and security, how to choose a password manager program, and what not to do when creating and using a password.

If forgetting your password is bugging you, come learn how you can solve that problem. Tech Night is open to the public and guests are welcome.

Changes to Kroger Card Program

To all CKCS Members and Friends:

We appreciate your participation in the Kroger Community Rewards program. The donations from Kroger have enabled several improvements in our organization without dues increases.

Remember, August is the month that all Kroger customers must repeat their signup for the Community Rewards Program. But, Kroger has made changes in the way that one can sign up to participate.

Please call the Kroger Digital Customer Service line at 1-866-221-4141 and request that your name and CKCS (NPO number 11119) are added to your Community Rewards Program. You can also do this online or with your smart phone.

You can do this anytime in August but don't forget.

New CKCS members and non-members can participate in this program. A few days after you enroll, you will see a message that Kroger has made a donation to CKCS on your purchase receipts.

Thank you for participating in Kroger Community Rewards and helping CKCS!

Disk Erasing Service

CKCS is now offering a service to erase your older disk drive so you can feel confident that no personal information is left on it before you give it away or dispose of it.

Bring your computer or just the disk drive to CKCS to get it erased and returned to you or donated to charity. Erasing is usually done on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday mornings between 10 AM and 1 PM or at the Dr Fixit Special Interest Group which usually meets on the first Saturday of every month between 10 AM and noon. There is no charge but a small donation would be appreciated.

For more information click here.

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